MWC16 presents “Crossing the Chasm”. The teams would be required to be on their feet for creative ad-making round. One member from each team would be required to pick up clues from 3 buckets which would have products, celebrity and target audience respectively. Combining the set of clues (i.e. set of particular product, celebrity and target audience), teams would enact the advertisement based on their choices. Judging criteria would be creativity, out of box thinking, humour quotient and spontaneity.

Win prizes worth Rs. 10000



MWC16 presents “Line of Fire.”
This nail biting final showdown will have the teams vying for the marketing world cup with a spirited debate on the current affairs. Teams would be given few burning topics on current affairs and one of the members of the team would have to express their views on it. After this, the stage would be open for the teams in audience to cross question the presenting team.  Teams would be judged on their level of understanding of the topic presentation and communication skills.
So get prepared to kill 'em off with your sharp opinions and your counter attacks!

Win prizes worth Rs. 10000.