Aircel started off as a niche player in South India but within a short span of a decade, rose to become a well-established pan-India operator. Now, it is one of the few low cost carriers that survived the initial boom and is now locking horns with telecom giants like Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.
However, with the launch of Jio, the whole telecom industry was disrupted with new-age technology and highly ambitious data tariffs. Will Aircel be able to combat Jio or will it perish?
MWC16 presents “Survival of the Fittest”.

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MobiKwik ventured into the hyperlocal space by including the feature of exploring nearby making it the first implementation of O2O strategy by any mobile wallet firm in India. It has acquired over 25,000 partner retail stores and adding offers to incite customers, enabling them to identify stores accepting cashless transaction. Customers, however, remain dubious when it comes to using e-wallets during transactions occurring in shopping malls, retail stores and restaurants. For the success of its O2O services, MobiKwik requires to change the customer psyche and make it comfortable for the customers to use MobiKwik during such time.
Will Mobikwik be successful in changing the customer perception or will it be a fiasco for the company?
MWC16 presents “Kwik-Klik”

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For years, drinking rum in India simply meant drinking Old Monk. From officers of the Indian armed forces to the common man on the street, the dark rum—packaged in its iconic short, stout bottle—built up a massive fan base. In fact, Old Monk even has a community page for its ardent lovers on Facebook by the name COMRADE: Council of Old Monk Rum Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics.
Now, the 60-year- old dark rum brand, owned by Ghaziabad-headquartered Mohan Meakin, is steadily losing its grip on the Indian tippler. Can you help the company in regaining its lost ground?
MWC16 presents “Rumble of the Monk”
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